Friday, May 13, 2011

Cancer Talk 1

Thoughts on Prostate Cancer

The men I've talked with have went through various types of prostate cancer (P.C.) treatment.  Almost all of the men I've spoken with have been satisfied with their treatments. Most have received one form of radiation treatment or another. There are several varieties of high intensity radiation beam therapy. This type of treatment usually involves getting short exposures directly to the prostate which kills the cancer cells 5 days a week over a period of two months or more. Another type of radiation beam treatments uses proton rays to destroy the cancer cells. Then there is "seed" implantation treatments which inserts tiny radioactive seeds into the prostate that kills the cancer cells. Another is called freezing (cryoablation) which actually freezes the prostate killing the cancer cells. Both the seeding and freezing are short operations (two hours) with a fairly rapid recovery time. There is also surgery that removes the prostate from the body which has a longer recovery time.

There are various "side effects" or possible post-treatment problems with each of these treatments. I am reading a lengthy book on the topic now called "Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer" by Dr. Patrick Walsh. This book was recommended by my urologist and is written in a laymen friend style. I am definitely getting an education on the function and malfunction of some of my internal organs. I am finding this book (as well as the interviews) very help in helping me understand the uninvited visitor in my body. P.C. is very common 1 out of 7 men will have P.C. after age sixty and one in six with have P.C. after age 70.

My initial reaction on hearing the news it that of great surprise though not shock as I don't recall other men in my family lines with P.C. It is possible some did have it but actually died of other causes. Also I have three older brothers who are at this time P.C. free. My thinking on P.C. is that like many cancers it is an immune system disorder. Cancer cells are probably being produced in most peoples bodies but our various immune systems control them (kill) before they can cause problems. However the cancers can "outsmart" or overwhelm the immune system which causes cancer tumors to spring up. I think there is also a genetic component in the sense that genetic defects (on a neutral DNA level) are passed down from generation to generation. The genetic defects that we sustain in our lifetime are pass now to our children. This has been termed "genetic load" and can be a cause for cancer on a gene or even molecular level.  There are certainly other reasons for cancer also.

My thinking now is that my P. C. has been caught early and the chances of successful treatment (doctors even use the word "cure" rather than remission) are very good. God willing, I could see another fairly healthy 10 or 20 years.
I expect my treatment will start within the next several months.

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