Monday, April 15, 2013

News Update

 April 15, 2013

This afternoon I had an appointment with my radiogist. My
PSA (from a blood test this March) has had risen again from
a previous blood test in December. This is a sign the prostate
cancer may still be active. PSA is Prostate Specific Antegon.

I was on Luponen shots (basically female hormones) as I
was going through my radiation  treatments last year and
they suppressed the male hormone production which lowers
the PSA. Because of the cost involved I had to forgo the shots.

However next month I will be 65 and am going on Medicare.
I'm looking at Medicare Supplemental insurance
(as well as Medicare A & B) plus prescription
program. This is coming in time to help fight the
cancer. I will be going back on Luponen shot (oh, boy
"warm flashes" again).

There will be other treatments that I will go through
and will keep you posted on them.

I appreciate you thoughts and prayers as I continue
on this journey. I am overall doing well. I continue
with my part-time job, am just winding up a three
year tenure as president of the local genealogy society,
am publishing a magazine, comic books, doing artwork
(on my new I-Pad) and am physically active and am not
in pain (oh, except for an occasional backache :).

God bless,