Monday, April 15, 2013

News Update

 April 15, 2013

This afternoon I had an appointment with my radiogist. My
PSA (from a blood test this March) has had risen again from
a previous blood test in December. This is a sign the prostate
cancer may still be active. PSA is Prostate Specific Antegon.

I was on Luponen shots (basically female hormones) as I
was going through my radiation  treatments last year and
they suppressed the male hormone production which lowers
the PSA. Because of the cost involved I had to forgo the shots.

However next month I will be 65 and am going on Medicare.
I'm looking at Medicare Supplemental insurance
(as well as Medicare A & B) plus prescription
program. This is coming in time to help fight the
cancer. I will be going back on Luponen shot (oh, boy
"warm flashes" again).

There will be other treatments that I will go through
and will keep you posted on them.

I appreciate you thoughts and prayers as I continue
on this journey. I am overall doing well. I continue
with my part-time job, am just winding up a three
year tenure as president of the local genealogy society,
am publishing a magazine, comic books, doing artwork
(on my new I-Pad) and am physically active and am not
in pain (oh, except for an occasional backache :).

God bless,


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  1. Thanks Don for the updates. You are in my prayers! Wish you could be in Glen Rose so we could visit. Miss you out on the digs. Not the same without ya! Blessings & strength!
    Aaron Judkins